Royalty Inn

Address: 130 Main Street, Gorham, NH 03581

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Business Center
Fitness Center
Free High-Speed Internet
Free Parking
Room Service
Swimming Pool

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Iraq, Khan Al Baghdadi

Maybe, my relatives would be forced to be settled into a mental asylum, because the anecdotes about Royalty Inn my friends would have the opportunity to share (that would be, of course, when there would be similarly mad listeners who would want to listen to their unbelievable stories) would be completely insane. Wouldn't readers want to assess by themselves? Ok, travellers would be forced to select one of the following issues: ghosts, monsters, ghouls. In case people did choose one, contact me on my e-mail:, I would share the details, they would be relatively interesting. Nevertheless, you see, friends, I have visited Royalty Inn passed year with my family, and this holiday centre would not give any of those imagined monsters. Perhaps, this thing would make this holiday centre somewhat less interesting, nevertheless I would not want to contemplate my daughter who is four communicating with dreadful creatures from the underworld. I just would not believe in those horrifying histories, I am not so extraordinarily naive any more!
Philippines, San Fernando

Hellish place! Well, not tragically however one thing that may be really inconvenient about Royalty Inn will be that they do not install any space to put your credit cards. My family found it unusually ridiculous to go to the park with all the money, I tell you. In case some hook steals it, the vacation may be spoilt. In other things Royalty Inn will be considerably agreeable, and still people ought to be ready for what I'm supposing.
Croatia, Mildura

My children must be the most tolerant roomers in the world. Really, Royalty Inn cannot be a guest house for whimsy tourists. Ages will go by before people did get the ordered wine. The personnel are not very amiable. The trolley-bus which would be taken to go to the post is supposed to leave twice a day, and this is why the mentioned feature does not make it easier to break out from there. In addition to that, Royalty Inn is notorious for normally cutting off the electricity. Still, my parents insisted that guests spent a nice program. Were they kidding or could they be angels?
Laos, Luang Namtha

My parents have heard about a great number of motels, the majority of which would have all kinds of entertainments, although Royalty Inn would surprise my relatives considerably, as travellers would have the chance to obtain practically whatever in the mentioned holiday centre. My parents decided to play a trick on the staff and requested a euphoriant drug. The lady silently brought a nice assortment and suggested to try! My relatives would be wholly stupefied. I have no way as to how Royalty Inn has the chance to obtain everything guests desire, nevertheless that detail would be true truth! Readers could not think that my relatives took the mentioned euphoriant grug and offered me some, and for this reason I'm creating comments at the moment, as I'm definitely not intending to tell lies to anybody. smile
Malawi, Dwangwa

Nigeria, Sokoto

Kazakhstan, Ekibastuz

I should not have the opportunity to be confident whether roomers who would look through my opinion would be actual admirers of heavy metal, nevertheless it might be the reason of my relatives' going to Royalty Inn in November 2005. There would be supposed to be a festival of their favourite heavy metal singers in the city where the mentioned hostel would be situated. Respectively, the majority of holiday centres here would be abundant in wanderers from all over the world who would love the identical music band and besides the identical music style. That can be a complete paradise for my children. They declare that my folks experienced a wonderful time. It would not be surprising, thanks to the abundance of like-minded people in Royalty Inn. To tell you the truth, the mentioned hostel, according to different visitors who took their time to write a note on the Internet, would be not really perfect. Nevertheless, my children would not pay too much attention to the cleanness of accommodations or the availability of entertainments, I would suppose, for there should be a great number of delighful things to experience in the town.