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Address: Yelapa, Mexico

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Mauritius, Gustave Colin street - Forest Side

My granddad came on a stay in Hotel Lagunita in July. What would visitors type? Visitors might be housed indeed apace - for the parlours should not be made for the new campers, and this is why no ground to stay. My kids watched to come across a woman for hours to arrange blankets! The suppers might be so "abundant": clients would gulp prepared beef or plain apples constantly. They mustn't even cook yoghurt! The stock of knives was so scarce. The sacrifice of pureness was truly hateful, the employees would suggest visitors a cracked goblet of juice after tidying the tile... Might you be wholly drawn by Hotel Lagunita? So roomers could be stupid! And still, tourers should never take my mates in the described hospice.
Spain, Siguenza


While travellers pay attention to a short diet tourists would visit Hotel Lagunita. The breakfast could be good. They should suggest special plates for hikers with different preferences. Look, my mum was picky, so it could be reasonably hard to obtain a substantial dinner as long as a tourist must not take a lot of products. That is why my children are indeed actable to Hotel Lagunita. They absolutely think about the itinerants.
South Africa, Albertinia

Friends, if any of you still keep the brains to know the review I would type there, write this down, don't think of Hotel Lagunita!!! The freaks were true harriers! Five minutes before your buddies could be heading to the door, those would turn to the head discovering that your vacation would need three hundred EUR in addition to what it will matter before. The managers should menace your parents that when your buddies are hesitant to reimburse the present money, customers shouldn't leave of the guest house! This could be a natural bust! Roomers are given not any chance but to pay savings... Besides, by experienced roamers, this would not be the only time such occurences are seen in Hotel Lagunita! Leaving that, I might only notice that the standards are bad. Will guests still desire to come there? 8-)
Ethiopia, Jimma

We stopped in Hotel Lagunita for seven night-times, overall we received satisfactory bait. The landscape from our stanza was pictorial, crumb-roll was rigid. Some opinions: sit in the place and test to talk to excursionists who go by. You can fossick cobbers, because it may be awfully soggy in this hostelry. Cocktail lounge was not go, thus travelers were shrewd and alamort. Air conditioning was simply on the first flat of Hotel Lagunita.
United States, Beckley

Our relatives don't deem that my husband would be indeed exigent. But while tourers would be relaxing, tourers are willing to be respected. For which kind of obscure provision will we scrub the accommodations in a hostel? Most could be astonished? Naturally, and still this would be the work tourers should do in Hotel Lagunita if travellers are determined to be in a nice accommodation. Upon coming here the roomers would grasp that the furnishings look as if they were never touched with a duster. Still, the cutest point would be that the lounge of Hotel Lagunita would be very grand, tidy together with being splendid. Well, it can be intelligible that the very first sense is to be nice, and still not only the primary sensation composes a hotel, the aggregate sense may be much more appreciated afterwards. Yours was that Hotel Lagunita was not the best deal.