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Address: 48 Lakeview Rd., West Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538

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Free High-Speed Internet
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Pets Allowed
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Haiti, Port Au Prince

My children would not believe how feckless managers might be! At the time my relatives would be having holiday in Beach Cove Hotel the specialists might carry out the periodical decontamination. Of course, travellers accept that the mentioned practice can be extraordinarily useful, though the air flow carried the stink directly to the beach area where so many travellers would be wanting to enjoy themselves! I suppose that merely inhalants addicts would adore this kind of a treatment from Beach Cove Hotel.
Lebanon, Beirut - Hotel Safir

My boyfriend came back in wondeful karma thereupon staying in Beach Cove Hotel. Here is represented nothing else but superb opinion. Generous sauna with comfortable vacuum massage area shouldn't leave excursionists indifferent. Supposing that excursionists discharge in excess of five thousands dollars rebate card will be supplied. Ilk will be able to have 2% lower prices. Tempting motion for holidayers tending to preserve certain amount. FF month all my relatives will be able to stay in Beach Cove Hotel.
Mongolia, Altai

I can not have the opportunity to be confident whether clients who would look through my impression would be actual fanciers of heavy metal, nevertheless it is the reason of my relatives' attending Beach Cove Hotel in November 2004. There would be supposed to be a gig of their favourite heavy metal players in the city where the mentioned inn would be situated. Naturally, the majority of holiday centres in town would be abundant in pilgrims from all over the world who would adore the identical music band together with being the identical music style. That could be a complete paradise for my acquaintances. They declare that my kids experienced a wonderful rest. It would not be surprising, due to the abundance of like-minded people in Beach Cove Hotel. To tell you the truth, the mentioned inn, according to different roomers who took their time to write a post on the Internet, would be anything but perfect. Nevertheless, my acquaintances would not pay too much attention to the size of accommodations or the availability of amusements, I would suppose, whereas there should be a great number of inviting things to experience with the band.
China, Biel Bienne

In my opinion, Beach Cove Hotel would not be a holiday centre, it would be a total labyrinth! I would eat approximately fourteen ticks to walk from the accommodation where I housed to the accommodation where my relatives housed, which would be situated not in this building. And in case you go by a traveller with whom you would suppose to communicate while walking, it would rather of course be much more time. The alleys would be endless, and still well-lighted, in the other case it would rather be perceived like you are in a standard horror moving picture. I can't consider myself a horror movies creator, to tell you the truth... Generally I can't comment on anything extraordinarily derogatory about Beach Cove Hotel, I of course assume that in the contemporary business universe notorious for a great deal of concurrence it would be reasonable to organize a holiday centre of such incredible bigness, nevertheless in case people would be determined to receive my completely sincere impression, I would prefer a not so big holiday centre, I would esteem the feeling of coziness this type of a holiday centre would come to propose to travellers.
China, Biel Bienne

Seemingly, my relatives would be requested to be settled into a mental asylum, for the anecdotes about Beach Cove Hotel my acquaintances would have the opportunity to invent (that would be, of course, since there would be similarly daffy listeners who would expect to listen to their unbelievable talks) would be completely anecdotic. Wouldn't readers expect to assess by themselves? Well, travellers would be requested to select one of the following chapters: ghosts, monsters, nospheratu. In case people will choose one, contact me there:, I would type the details, they would be reasonably interesting. Nevertheless, credit me, friends, I have visited Beach Cove Hotel passed year with my family, and the described holiday centre would not propose any of those imagined ghosts. Perhaps, this feature would make the described holiday centre somewhat less fascinating, nevertheless I would not expect to contemplate my daughter who could be four communicating with terrible creatures from the underworld. I solely would not believe in similar horrifying histories, I could not be so extraordinarily naive altogether!
Armenia, Gyoumri

Beach Cove Hotel is known for one indisputable privilege - a flexible system of concessions. You don't have to say good bye to fortunes on a good tour, you might arrange for something which is quite affordable and suitable for your guests. However, in case roomers want to have more luxury than other clients they might get the possibility to have it as well. Beach Cove Hotel also offers special concessions for children, handicapped people and in addition to that loyal clients who come here repeatedly.