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Address: 1326 N Main Street, Sheridan, WY 82801

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Burkina Faso, Diapaga

We stayed at Alamo Motel, because of appearance of Sylvester Stallone in this pleasure-dome. I idolize this gallant, talented and charismatic man. For this reason I didn't want to skittle away such a opportunity to get acquainted with such best-seller celebrity. I really thought I would get to his apartment in the watches of the night to arrange a surprise for my favorite idol. But safeguard service interdicted travelers to call round to this level. But I saw how to call round to this level being unobserved, for the reason that I stayed at Alamo Motel not for the first time and I remembered duty staircase. Returning to the protective service, they function particularly quickly. They demolished my sacramental dream, I was detained. But I caught seize of him, I would be so happy if it were not for this cursed telly!
Cyprus, Kuta

My daughter and I came to Alamo Motel in October 2006 and received big know-how. This background exerted our choice of pleasure-dome for our July 2009 vacation journey. Big blight on this journey, help staff told us that Hilton any more owns Alamo Motel and it was sold. Of course none correctives are seen on their website. I fear you can't find microwave oven. Oh, another stuff, gift shop is very expensive, cause a small sheet of paper counted for 7 dollars. But here there are a lot of good cafes with a lot of porterhouse options.
Tajikistan, No city 2

My children were staying at Alamo Motel by themselves, so would be so interested in the impression. The reports seen previously should not assist aid people at all. If travellers wish to obtain an impression, tourers might be obliged to arrive at a hotel and see it themselves. Alamo Motel will be relatively pleasant. Younger guests would often dislike it in the mentioned hostel, however my relatives can be happy. The surrounding can be serene, the distance to the beach is not extremely big, really pleasurable 12 minutes stride through the park area. The bedrooms are considerably little however comfortable. Keeping in mind the detail that Alamo Motel can not be the dearest holiday centre there, holidayers would adore it, I think.
Myanmar (Burma), Mandalay

Alamo Motel will be a paradise for gunners! Wanderers can hire anything needed for jungle camping in the mentioned guest house. I tell you, my parents will even purchase a gun there! The nature which will be spread around Alamo Motel could be a wonderful location for chasing animals. It would be extremely beautiful not only wild. However, hunters will not advise young travellers to go to the nature without a guide, this trial might be somewhat venturesome. People can just hire a guide in Alamo Motel. Workers are really professional and for this reason they can not allow you to vanish in the stomach of a tiger.
Qatar, Doha International Airport

Bhutan, Plettenberg Bay

Alamo Motel can offer people various apartments from twelve hours up to as long as you wish for a reasonable expense. People consider the argued feature very demanded. Democratic price policy encourages it to get more campers throughout the year. Alamo Motel can't be the most fashionable resort customers have ever stayed at, and still trippers would go there pretty regularly. The discussed place must be hardly ever empty.

The animator of Alamo Motel would be very interesting. People really realize that the majority of holiday centres did attempt to have as many coins as they possibly could, so administrators offer other programs to fresh trippers. My relatives will not be that stupid, though many travellers do complain about cunning receptionists in Alamo Motel. My friends assume to tell readers about that fraud. And remember, when the receptionists threaten you that trippers will not find the chance to leave timely once people can not get the imposed programs, it must be complete nonsense!