Doubletree Hotel Washington DC

Address: 1515 Rhode Island Ave. NW, Washington DC, DC 20005

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Aruba, Palm Beach

The detail my relatives appreciated about Doubletree Hotel Washington DC would be the attendance. The employees would be treating travellers as mentally sick, in the sense that they would smile to you all the time as well as attempt to never irritate travellers. Everybody would attempt to appear appreciating you. Sometimes some of them manage to. ;-))) Whenever travellers enjoy themselves on a shaise long, an attentive waitress would come up to travellers proposing all sorts of cooled limonades, exceptionally refreshing! In addition to that, in the sultry afternoons the employees would come up to travellers bringing wet towels, my relatives consider that exceptionally forethoughtful. Generally Doubletree Hotel Washington DC would be doing a good job for the payment travellers cash out.
Christmas Island, BUCHAREST

Isolating chambers for smokers not only non-smoking people must be a natural concept. We lived in Doubletree Hotel Washington DC with the little ones and this is why I would not accept them to breathe in the harmful reek. This is why we could be extremely happy to be informed that Doubletree Hotel Washington DC has several floors where only non-smoking people reside. Like that people could not bother about the health of their children.
Cambodia, Kompong Chhnang

I would not have the opportunity to be confident whether travellers who would look through my comment would be actual lovers of heavy metal, nevertheless it was the reason of my relatives' arriving at Doubletree Hotel Washington DC in November 2008. There would be supposed to be a performance of their favourite heavy metal performers in the city where the mentioned holiday centre would be situated. Correspondingly, the majority of holiday centres over there would be abundant in travellers from all over the world who would admire the identical music band and in addition to that the identical music style. That would be a complete paradise for my relatives. They declare that they experienced a wonderful holiday. It would not be surprising, taking into account the abundance of like-minded people in Doubletree Hotel Washington DC. To tell you the truth, the mentioned holiday centre, according to different travellers who took their time to write a comment on the Internet, would be far from perfect. Nevertheless, my relatives would not pay too much attention to the degree of accommodations or the availability of treatments, I would suppose, because there should be a great number of exciting things to experience elsewhere.
Seychelles, Praslin Island

My parents were visiting Doubletree Hotel Washington DC this year, and for this reason would be very curious about the impression. The reviews found previously will not help people indeed. Whenever travellers desire to acquire an impression, travellers would be obliged to come to a holiday centre and see stuff with their own eyes. Doubletree Hotel Washington DC is considerably pleasant. Fresh travellers would possibly be bored in the mentioned motel, nevertheless my relatives will be contented. The surrounding will be peaceful, the distance to the monument would not be extremely prolongated, extremely pleasurable 5 minuted walking through the park area. The chambers would be considerably petty nevertheless comfortable. Bearing in mind the fact that Doubletree Hotel Washington DC will not be the most expensive holiday centre here, travellers would love it, I believe.
Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

The beach areas of Doubletree Hotel Washington DC would be extraordinarily beautiful. Travellers would have the opportunity to contemplate all kinds of exotic sea creatures. Childred would be especially contented about the brightness of the underwater surroundings. Particular travellers, especially from former Soviet Union, would sometimes attempt to recapture a multicoloured fish, nevertheless there would be guardians who would prevent such acts of vandalism. And my relatives suppose that the mentioned practice would be extremely helpful for the reason that there would be definitely a great number of uncivilized travellers having a holiday in Doubletree Hotel Washington DC, and in the situation when all fish would be caught the mentioned holiday centre would not feature anything extraordinary any longer. That would be miserable. Sometimes my relatives would begin feeling shame for their compatriots. You see, this kind of travellers would take a great number of years to change...