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Address: 515 15th Street NW, Washington DC, DC 20004

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Bulgaria, Haskovo

I cannot consider that my family is extremely capricious. And still, when you are on a holiday, you desire to be comfortable. For what ungraspable reason should travellers clean the rooms in a holiday centre? Readers might be surprised? Definitely, however this is the very thing we had to do in W Washington DC in case they want to live in a tidy place. On arriving there the tourists will realize that the apartments look like they have never been cleaned. And the most interesting fact must be that the vestibule of W Washington DC is extraordinarily spacious, beautiful as well as glossy. Of course, it should be understandable that the first impression has to be favourable, but not only the first impression constitutes a vacation, the general feeling will be much more important in the end. Mine will be that W Washington DC is not good enough.
Nigeria, Sokoto

Workers in W Washington DC would be "cool", travellers, prepare yourselves for an unprecedent shock. Would many be accustomed to polite and besides serviceable personnel? Let go this nonsense! W Washington DC presents travellers an unforgettable attitude of rudeness and also ignorance! I'm confident that us have not experienced anything like that hellhole for a long time! Like your holiday, dear guests! smile Would trippers still be willing to have it? In this case, I would be actually amazed at your courage!
United Kingdom, Workington

Laos, Luang Namtha

Come on, would people again discuss W Washington DC? Idiots, the mentioned holiday centre will have been extinct for a decade today! The following title: W Washington DC would presently be referred to a completely different motel, and here comes the confusion! Travelers, you would be obliged to know the news! Travelers might not allow anyone to entrap them! Don't forget to look at the day, month and year of the comment guys would be discussing!
Canada, Estevan

Seychelles, La Digue Island

My kids must be the most tolerant visitors in the world. Really, W Washington DC cannot be a guest house for picky tourists. Ages did go by before people might get the ordered lunch. The personnel are far from amiable. The trolley-bus which can be taken to go to the airport is supposed to leave once a week, and this is why the mentioned detail does not make it easier to beak away from there. In addition to that, W Washington DC is notorious for usually cutting off the electricity. But my parents insisted that tourers spent a nice service. Were they kidding or will they be angels?
Pakistan, HUNZA

W Washington DC might be relatively ordinary, however I loved their restaurant. The cuisine will be delicious and sophisticated, the waiters should be polite and friendly, the atmosphere was relaxed. Still, the music must be their best offer. In W Washington DC my friends might hear the best rock-and-roll in their lives. I believe those singers can be definite stars! Music lovers should consider going to the mentioned holiday centre.