Hilton Milwaukee City Center

Address: 509 W Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53203

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Business Center
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Botswana, Gaborone Sir Seretse Khama - International Airport

Girls who have pride, believe my piece of advise don't think of going to Hilton Milwaukee City Center! I should not mention that this hotel might be low-class, this impression was not true, nevertheless young ladies would be often abused by impolite doormen and also local guys. Also, there will be a man who did change first names now and then, women are supposed to be extremely cautious with that guy. The man is polite, would get a good motorcycle, do seduce beautiful girls, and then take them many times in his room in Hilton Milwaukee City Center, without protection. I am a male, and so I do not know how cool a lover the mentioned George Duroy would be, nevertheless the fact I can tell definitely will be that all the ladies he seduced have an illness afterwards. Couldn't you consider that girls welcome this kind of a "souvenir"? I really would not guess so... However, I have communicated with eight ladies who suffered from the individual, and for this reason I will give exclusively actual advice.
Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

I would be extremely thankful to Hilton Milwaukee City Center, first, for an awesome holiday, and for presenting me the opportunity to meet an extraordinarily interesting person known as Alexander. He's blind, nevertheless the terrible position he would be thrown in by cruel destiny would not affect his powerful character and can not shade his contagious smile. I had never communicated with a person with a similar outlook on life. The conversations we would share with him in a relaxed atmosphere of a hotel would be the most eye-opening things in my existence. I would not be able to exaggerate, it would be only impossible. People might normally be accustomed to believing that handicapped people are pessimistic and continuously whinning, and after my holiday in Hilton Milwaukee City Center, after my intercourse with my new friend, I might have the opportunity to argue absolutely that nothing would be farther from the reality. I guess that we should have the opportunity to forget our unwillingness and to communicate with such people more closely, I know that it would be an awesome thing.
Malta, Zermatt

My kids went to Hilton Milwaukee City Center with a five-year-old son. The daughter can get sick after the ride (the candies would not do good), so my relatives demanded to check-in as soon as possible. Yet, my children were obliged to pass a couple of hours awaiting for the suite to be cleaned. At the moment when my mates gained sight of the apartment my buddies soon got the desire to barter it for another one. However, the present asking turned out to be helpless, the generous money cannot make it better, and for this reason my buddies had to spend the voyage in a tiny apartment. Yet, the rest of the vacation may be much better. The wonderful water as well as entertaining programs made it. Hilton Milwaukee City Center was not really disgusting, believe me.
Northern Mariana Islands, Kirchberg

To my mind, Hilton Milwaukee City Center would not be an average hotel, it would be a sophisticated maze! I would lose some fourteen mo's to go from the accommodation where I settled to the room where my relatives settled, which is situated not in my house. And in case you locate a tourer with whom you would request to talk while walking, it must obviously be much more time. The passage-ways are endless, still, light, in the other case it must seem like you are in an ordinary terror moving picture. I must not see myself as a horror movies author, frankly speaking... Generally I must not talk about anything extraordinarily humiliating about Hilton Milwaukee City Center, I of course suppose that in the modern business living known for a great deal of alternative it must be reasonable to arrange a hotel of such incredible proportions, however in case friends might be determined to have my totally sincere viewpoint, I might prefer a moderate hotel, I would value the feel of coziness this sort of a hotel would arrive to give to travellers.
Kazakhstan, Almaty

I couldn't believe I would type a report on the Internet, though I can't leave things like that, as Hilton Milwaukee City Center can be only a fake! Friends, once you will be going on a holiday, care to get as much information as you need about the hostel you are going to. The little fact has the chance to be crucial for your kids' health. Believe me, they will not exaggerate things. Visitors do not tell you about the mice Hilton Milwaukee City Center will be full of, many can bear it with a grin. But turning out to be cleared right in the territory of that motel by a drunk Gitano is just too much! :-(( The impressions are for sure strong however I don't think many would love it.
Turks and Caicos Islands, Pine Cay

My son and I came to Hilton Milwaukee City Center. We were aware of lots of positive comments, that's why we departed. I fancied that telly provided domestic food. We stayed at pad item 327 it's neat, maybe little replace will make benefit. Lunch was particularly natty, travelers are able to partake exotic cocktail in the ledge. We want to stay at Hilton Milwaukee City Center again