Hilton Washington Embassy Row

Address: 2015 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington DC, DC 20036

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Business Center
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Swimming Pool

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Central African Republic, Gounda

Travellers absolutely loved the administrator of Hilton Washington Embassy Row. That should be a great person.
Cape Verde, Ilha Do Sal

Administrators in Hilton Washington Embassy Row would be "great", travellers, prepare yourselves for an unheard-of shock. Would most of you be accustomed to polite or serviceable personnel? Say bye this nonsense! Hilton Washington Embassy Row presents travellers a unique attitude of rudeness and besides ignorance! I'm confident that them have not experienced anything like the hellhole for a long time! Love your holiday, dear visitors! smile Would voyagers still be willing to get it? In this case, I would be deeply amazed at your courage!
Central African Republic, Gounda

From the beginning Hilton Washington Embassy Row proposed my relatives an accommodation extremely distant from the beach area. My relatives would be willing to arrange a different accommodation, nevertheless, in the end my relatives appreciated the initial position, for the reason that it would be considerably peaceful. The rest of the mentioned holiday centre would be extremely noisy. My relatives normally enjoy the quietness, and for this reason they finally accepted the selection of Hilton Washington Embassy Row. My relatives would not suppose whether the intention of the administrators would be favourable, nevertheless people would never know which choice would match which travellers, would readers agree with me?
Bahrain, Bahrain

I will not find out how much tequila my parents consumed to fall into the mind which allowed them to have the chance to imagine the trick my parents experienced (my relatives do confess that alcoholic drinks will be extraordinarily pleasant in Hilton Washington Embassy Row), nevertheless what I'm going to share happened to my relatives during their stay in the mentioned holiday centre, and this will not be an imagined fairy tale, but the true situation of the twenty-seventh of April last year. After a supposedly good dinner in the neighbouring nocshery my relatives came back to Hilton Washington Embassy Row restaurant and after consuming a fair amount of alcoholic drinks and at last going upstairs my parents suddenly understood that my parents forgot the keys of the chamber. The dignity would not permit my relatives to communicate that to the administrator, and for this reason my children decided to get to the chamber through fire ladder, recollecting student period. Although the windows would be fitted with alarms, and for this reason the holiday centre woke up and found out about the story about my relatives. Now the best kind of fame, I would guess.
Comoros, Moheli

We agree with all the negative comments above. Desire we had observed about Hilton Washington Embassy Row before we bended steps towards it. Parking lots turned out to be horrendous for the reason that the pleasure-dome was packed to capacity. for unknown reason. Everyone was hanging on a tick to spring as every single automobile drifted out. We got an aftersound that eventually people had a hunting field they were undesirous to leave it. The nourishment would be the most terrible we had ever tasted, even in school house or infirmary, if in sober fact it happened to be a cerebral crisis to personnel to compare it. We encountered a woman who had disbursed 200 $ supplementary for champagne for a commemoration and when she arrived they supplied her a low-priced bottle and three wineglasses to take to her apartment at the moment she was wrestling with her accoutrement. We have never heard of such imperfect performance of service! On the second night-time I was dragged out the hay by the flavor of cigarette smoke transpiring to our apartment from unknown source, and ended up experiencing physically diseased. We have an opportunity to continue, but it has already been written.
Philippines, San Fernando

I went to Hilton Washington Embassy Row for my best friend nuptials last week, it was unmerciful. If you come with children it's ok on account of they possess everything from volley-ball on the waterside to Xbox Arcade. And the breachy chicken will be calmed. For big groups on relaxation with flocks Hilton Washington Embassy Row would be in very deed a wonderful selection.

Hilton Washington Embassy Row would be a strange place. Well, in the situation when travellers would be seventy and longing for earlier days, or for example, in the situation when would appreciate travelling on a time machine approximately thirty years back - this category of people would be welcome in the mentioned holiday centre! It would be an authentic comer from the past! And the attendance would be corresponding - definitely, a similar atmosphere should be maintained by all possible means! smile Nevertheless, in case people are willing to obtain a serious opinion - Hilton Washington Embassy Row would not be extraordinarily pleasurable.