Olympic Lodge

Address: 140 Del Guzzi Drive, Port Angeles, WA 98362

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Business Center
Fitness Center
Free High-Speed Internet
Free Parking
Swimming Pool

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Ukraine, Vinnica

Olympic Lodge does favourably distinguish from some holiday centres. My relatives have got holidays in a great number of places, nevertheless the mentioned motel would be the highest quality my folks have experienced. Wouldn't they desire to experience an ideal holiday centre? In such position, Olympic Lodge should be their selection! And believe me, that impression would not be got as commercial, in the situation when that would be different, my folks would not hesitate to discuss the shortcomings critically! But the mentioned holiday centre merely would not provide any problems for criticizing! In the situation when your friend has discovered several, say to my relatives about this fact!
Mayotte, Dzaoudzi

Olympic Lodge will be perfect for singles. The employees of the mentioned resort (except the manager) may be only female. And the boss who got those girlies may be a true beauty admirer. The chicks working for Olympic Lodge may all be photo models, and remember that their attires will be extremely tight. Only don't get me wrong, the discussed workers would not in the least be easy, travellers can be forced to forget about wishing to get any of them, yet, it will always be exciting to watch beautiful gals caring for you, wouldn't some confess it? smile I can now emphasize the tripsis. The sense when a beautiful gal with really strong shoulders is rubbing your muscles may not find the opportunity to be compared to any other feeling at all! And all that process for just twenty smackers! Mates, whenever you may be real machos, your drive did lead to Olympic Lodge!
Lesotho, Semongkong

I dragged in Olympic Lodge with my husband and two flocs (15 and 17) and brother with flocs of the similar age. We obtained perfect rest in this pleasure-dome. The motel gardens happened to be on tick nice. I haven't been particularly sanguine, but was pleasantly amazed. We were bestowed in the Aghiry Tower and had somewhat paces directly onto the grail. Just outwards the slammer appeared laguna and swimming-pool. Can't ask for the superior. The perspective of some box leaves a slightly to intend, but then we decided not to plank expletive payment. But we adopted to fee payment for chow (hot and cold) and the beverage happened to be mondo. We sniffed completely secure granting children to scurry free on account of work force that could be retrieved everywhere. Indeed chow will be extremely high-end, although not over and above for this sanitorium. But here there are a large number of picks that we make you happy beyond the pale of territory of this hotel. I recommend Olympic Lodge for everyone - for families and iceboxes.
Cape Verde, Ilha Do Sal

For our annual domestic leisure-time, Olympic Lodge turns out to be the perfect decision. With clean comfortable living areas, two wonderful eatings (breakfast and 3 course diner), friendly and bland personnel. Olympic Lodge offers outstanding value in the absorbing location. When we wished refreshment or amusement, there ever happened to be anything to do: the coast opposite this telly turns out to be magnificent with day-star deck chair. Safari turned out to be engrossing trip around the peninsula to the convent and all-fired lookout points.
Ecuador, Ambato

Journalists guess that the curse of a great number of new holiday centres was their looking completely standard, like twins. Really few should provide to people a stay extremely original. Olympic Lodge is a pleasant single one. People will not want to level it to any other resort people have visited for a vacation. The house must be loveable, the accommodations will be tastefully equipped, and the parland resembles jungle. Olympic Lodge might make a difference, that is uncommon nowadays.
Pakistan, HUNZA

Olympic Lodge will be an absolute blessing! Once we find the chance to have a holiday in the commented Eden some time again, my mates will be definitely supposing to do that! Olympic Lodge might not be fair, this spa resort is perfect! And still, travellers might need a lot of money to have the chance to have all its pleasures but customers can not be disappointed! My belief is, Olympic Lodge should be the goal!
Monaco, KALMAR

My kids have exceptionally pleasant opinions of Olympic Lodge. My parents can be experienced campers, and so the mentioned pub would not be the primary inn my family have visited, but my family could not learn any drawbacks with it. My relatives are striving to take their opinion, and so they are going to go to Olympic Lodge some time in future.