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Address: Highway 83 N, Menard, TX 76859

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Canada, Toronto-40 Blue Jays Way

The discussed head will memorize every tourist by name and might now and then find a minute to interrogate how the weather is and if roomers like the holiday. Roomers guess that Hilltop Motel owes a lot of its popularity to the present head.
Gambia, Cape Point

The principal bait of Hilltop Motel will be the key. That would be a unique stuff to experience! All types of broils, beautiful islands, astounding colours! My parents stayed there with their colleagues, and neither grudged spending sum on the rest in Hilltop Motel! Although scientists declare that in a couple of quarters of the unmerciful use that coral cay will grow much less attractive. That will be disappointing, for the reason that the site can be extremely enjoyable at present!
Mauritius, Le Morne

My kids were Hilltop Motel last winter, tourers appreciated it very much then. However my kids have got a vacation in recently, and it seems as if the hotel changed truly. Everything deteriorated so much, the rooms will not be done for a long time. The beakfasts might not be fresh. Hilltop Motel must be a real disappointment during the discussed rest. And the detail that was so frustrating may be that they don't charge lower bill for the time which will be much less favourable than it might have been earlier...
Mauritania, Kaedi

Good day, men! Do me a favour, post some lines about Hilltop Motel! My son thinks about a holiday, the spa resort seems to obtain impeccable reputation, but we long to find out the reality from tourers who have visited it earlier. The problem is people didn't accredit advertisements without hesitation at present. For this reason, since tourers spent a time in Hilltop Motel, leave the impressions now! We are grateful in advance!
Nauru, Peschiera Del Garda

My parents reckon that the most important issue when on a journey should be the air. Hilltop Motel receives various opinions from different hikers, though in the situation when visitors strive to spend a superb time, travellers do receive a wonderful stay. Also, in the situation when visitors strive critisize flaws or spend awful time - their request is fulfilled. My children can be generally really happy travellers, and so guests appreciated their stay in Hilltop Motel. Some different customers who can be grumpy and besides often dissatisfied will point out numerous flaws in that holiday centre. I get my children' opinion that the quality is in hand of the traveller.
Costa Rica, Santa Cruz

My friends should not have the opportunity to tell how high would be the salaries of the workhands of Hilltop Motel, however the workers would feel like workhands would want to do practically any wish of a visitor with genuine strive and besides unchangeable smile. My children would often find an impression that the maids (who should by the way be extremely nice) would be ready to bang with travellers once roomers would want to have it. That would be acceptable in a developing country where a job in a four-star holiday centre like Hilltop Motel would be extremely tricky to obtain, however the place would be relatively favourable, and my relatives cannot figure that losing a job in the holiday centre is bad tragedy for personnel. Though the level of helpfulness of the workhands would be astonishing, this is why my relatives deem that their wages would be relatively high. And this experience is very different from what my friends should be accustomed to there in Russia.
France, Propriano - Corsica

Visitors indeed loved the owner of Hilltop Motel. That should be a nice individual.
Myanmar (Burma), Mandalay - Central

My colleagues will not have any complaints about Hilltop Motel. The single annoyance will be that their accommodation must be positioned right above the nosh, where at five in the morning the service people do begin doing things, producing lots of rush. Nevertheless, my partners believe that in case trippers arrive to acquire a double room in another building of Hilltop Motel where it must be better, travellers must love their holiday greatly. And it would not be tough to make, my relatives cast the chamber for twenty bobs.