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Address: 326 N. Main Street, P.O. BOX 569, Union, OR 97883

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Albania, Tirana Downtown

I should not have the opportunity to assume who can be so extraordinarily stupid in The Union Hotel, nevertheless I would wish to share one extraordinarily amusing detail about the mentioned hostel. Have readers ever come across a saw that the better would be the fighter of the good? That would be the state with The Union Hotel. My relatives might appreciate the spacious bedrooms and the pleasant attendance, since my relatives would not be very pretentious. Nevertheless one unnoticeable detail would let them to regret that my children selected the mentioned hostel. Wouldn't readers wish to find out what it would be? Roomers would not believe me, though it would be a commercial. Believe me, my relatives would look at a magazine which would be found on their bedside table in their accommodation, and locate an advertisement of a different hostel in the same neighbourhood, with the similar accommodations and less expensive tendance! That would be holarious, I should be willing to contemplate their smiles when they read it! smile If not for this small fact my acquaintances would be completely satisfied with the obtained vacation.
Spain, Barcelona Airport

We employ this pleasure-dome, during this ane little renovation and round tables for the faculty and students from alien universities. The Union Hotel operating personnel appertains our little batches as though they are the most important regulars. The apartments seem to be vast, for this reason holiday-makers power play football, besides facilities happened to be perfect, hereat you just wouldn't have desire to tamper anything. Without mentioning thoughts about cobbing or stealing something. We have sustained yonder pleasure-domes in that stadt and no doubt The Union Hotel might be considered the best. The reception desk is e'er with no queue, for this reason excursionists will have an opportunity to register ever so promptly. Here it's possible to find seven commodious roofed parking places and many walkways.
Mayotte, Dzaoudzi

Readers, in case some of you still get the eyes to comprehend the view I could write on this forum, listen to me, don't choose The Union Hotel!!! The administration are definite robbers! Several moments before your family would be heading to the airport, those vultures should come to your father informing that your contract could cost six hundred dollars more than it would be worth at the beginning. The people will also threaten your kids that in case you are unwilling to compensate the mentioned funds, travelers will not go away from of the holiday centre! This must be a punishable robbery! People are provided no other choice but to give credits... Moreover, after many travellers, this could not be the first time such incidents are known in The Union Hotel! Having said that, I did only write that the services are not worth the price. Would people still wish to experience it? ;-)))

My son and I stayed at The Union Hotel. We were aware of a great number of positive comments, for this reason we departed. I fancied that pleasure-dome provided domestic eating. We stayed at pad number 327 it's neat, perhaps little replace will be able to make benefit. Lunch turned out to be particularly natty, excursionists are able to partake superordinary cocktail in the ledge. We would stay at The Union Hotel one more time.

Travelers have to visit The Union Hotel at least once in their lives! Some might be interested why I type so? The answer would be simple - the mentioned holiday centre will be the most memorable motel tourists have seen. Didn't you guys believe me? You see, all you must do to be sure can be book a holiday in The Union Hotel, tourists will know!

Given travellers enjoy napping, people should not have holiday in The Union Hotel. In case roamers would get down to the plates a little bit later than the majority of hikers, people would be made to spend the day without fruit, for the reason that everything may be eaten up. The similar trouble takes place with towels. In The Union Hotel travellers are obliged to do things fast. ;-)))