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Address: 15705 South Padre Island Drive, Corpus Christi, TX 78418

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Marshall Islands, Mejit Island

Not knowing Monterrey Motel holiday-makers venture to be in trouble. Rate has been too eminent in connection with motels of alternative slabs therefore travellers behove to find out alternative analogue. Perdurable attack of cucarachas will particularly irksome. No dormition is able to turn relaxation into hell so quickly. Desire to ruin vacation of your enemy? Call on Monterrey Motel , logical commitment!
Zambia, Mongu

I will not assume how much tequila my parents swallowed to fall into the mind which forced them to have the chance to fancy the trick my parents ventured (my relatives do suppose that alcoholic drinks will be so pleasant in Monterrey Motel), but what I'm going to share befell on my relatives during their stay in the described holiday centre, and this will not be a spoof fairy tale, but the true case of the twenty-seventh of April 2008. After a supposedly good meal in the neighbouring nocshery my acquaintances came back to Monterrey Motel eatery and after consuming a fair sum of alcoholic drinks and at last challenging upstairs my parents bang understood that my parents shed the keys of the chamber. The proudness would not permit my acquaintances to communicate that to anybody, and for this reason my children chose to get to the chamber with the help of fire ladder, recollecting previous period. Although the fire ladders would be fitted with indication, and for this reason the inn woke up and found out about the situation with my relatives. Now the best kind of repute, I would guess.
Northern Mariana Islands, Jenbach

Visitors should not comment on anything pleasant about Monterrey Motel. I can not write anything negative, still less. Guests suppose that the impression from a leave depends on guests not the holiday centre. In their hostel the managers can't catch customers telling you about their entertainments, and still since travelers expect any, they will have plenty. Charwomen could not wait for you by the chambers wondering if perhaps tourists would like some cleaning, but in case rangers wish some, workers did come when needed. Might you expect to read which thing guys wholly liked in Monterrey Motel? The miss of imposed offers - the discussed feature was so rare in hotel. Though I reckon very many visitors admire being pettled, in this case I might suggest clients would rather visit some alter hostel.
Chad, Moundou

Monterrey Motel will favourably vary from most holiday centres. My parents have booked holidays in very many corners, nevertheless that inn would be the highest standard my mates have experienced. Would everybody desire to know a flawless holiday centre? In the example, Monterrey Motel is the ideal selection! Truly, the described impression should not be viewed as commercial, in case the situation would be another, my mates would not wait to write about the shortcomings really! While the mentioned motel really would not offer any things for criticizing! Once everyone has discovered any, speak to my relatives about this detail!
Seychelles, La Digue Island

I was really thankful to Monterrey Motel, firstly, for an awesome tour, and also for presenting me the fortune to come across an extraordinarily astounding guy known as Mohammed. He's visionless, nevertheless the complicated state he would be dropped in by unmerciful destiny could not change his powerful nature and could not shade his constant positive. I had never spoken to a guy with a similar attitude to existence. The conversations we should have with him in a relaxed lobby of a motel would be the most philosofic ones in my existence. I could not have the chance to exaggerate, it can be just impossible. Guys will normally opt supposing that handicapped persons will be pessimistic and repeatedly crying, and after my holiday in Monterrey Motel, after my association with my new acquaintance, I will have the opportunity to prove truly that nothing would be farther from the fact. I suppose that we should be capable to leave our unwillingness and to chat with similar people more welcomingly, I tell you that it would be a delightful session.